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As a function-first interior designer, my primary goal is to teach you how to create a home that supports your family day-to-day so you have more time for what's important.

Design a home you love.

Here's how I can help

Expert advice at your fingertips.

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One-on-one virtual interior design.

Are you looking to DIY your next redesign?

I've got you covered!


I get it! As a parent, it's hard to juggle everything. That's why I'm here, to make your life a little bit easier with design resources for you ambitious DIYer's and virtual interior-design services for those of you in the weeds. 

What is virtual interior design?

E-design, or virtual interior design, is a process by which you work with an interior designer over email, texts, calls, and video chats to create a design plan for your space. This plan then allows you to execute on the design at a pace that works for you to create a home that works for you.

No matter where you are we can work together to create a space that fits your family. The best part? YOU maintain control of the finished project. Sound good?


What clients are saying...

"Erin helped us design our attic that we recently had refinished. Her work helped us envision how we wanted to reconfigure the space. She also did the design based on just measurements we provided and photos and video of the space. She never even stepped foot in our home and was still able to create something amazing. I live here and I couldn’t envision a transformation, but she was able to so effortlessly. The turnaround time was so fast and she is super easy to work with." - Jenna

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