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She Said, He Said: The Home Dilemma

You’ve been trying to land on a paint color for your new bedroom. One day you finally find the magical, mystical, unicorn-of-a-color and run home with paint chip in hand to show your spouse. They take one look at the sample and respond with a snort because they just can’t imagine how anyone could ever consider painting a room that color. You’re crushed! Now what?! And so the room continues on, as is, until years later when you finally give up, pick up a can of white paint, and go after it. White is the easiest non-choice, right?

Sound familiar? The majority of spouses, SO's, and roommates I work with have this exact issue. When two people are involved, it’s almost guaranteed that there will be two opinions. The question on the table is, then, how do we eventually come to a solution that makes everyone happy?

The answer, as you might expect, is compromise and that is worlds easier to obtain with a mediator in tow. As an interior designer, it’s my job to listen to each party, consolidate the ideas down to the core wants and needs, and then propose a solution that gives everyone a bit of what will make them feel happiest at home.

Take a client of mine, for instance: she had an old distressed wood desk in the corner of her dining room that she loved but never used. Her husband hated the piece, saying that it was clunky and in the way and looked sloppy. Instead of nixing the piece, I suggested we move it into an unused corner of their kitchen so she could set up an office space for herself. This then freed up the wall in the dining room for us to add a sideboard for extra storage. The solution not only provided much-needed storage in the dining room, while moving the piece in question to a more inconspicuous spot, but it also added a home-office space that they didn’t have previously. The solution may seem simple but it was hard for them to see past the "should-we-shouldn't-we keep it" debate, which I find is common with a lot of couples. With a little help from me we came to a resolution that made everyone happy and stopped the marital bickering. Win-win!

It is so easy to get stuck in the cycle of indecision when it comes to the home space. You don't want to make a choice you'll regret or spend money unnecessarily and you certainly don't want to be in a constant argument with your spouse about it. While hiring an interior designer for your space might seem lavish, it can actually be a cost savings in the long run. Someone with experience can guide you through the process, help find those compromises, and make sure the final solution is custom designed for the way your family needs to live in your home.

If this is resonating with you, I highly suggest you take a look at my Home Consultation and Quick Question services. These are a great place to start if you’re feeling stuck at a standstill on a home project. The home therapist is in and excited to take your call!


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