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December 4, 2019


Snow days are upon us so it might be time to get that home office in shape. In our house, we flipped the original dining room into a home library but I know not everyone has the luxury of that much space so I put together a list of tips for every office size. Even if you think you have no room to spare I bet we can find a spot to sneak something in!


Dining Table Double Duty


We've all done it. There's no where to spread out and work so we gather around the dining table and set up shop. It's a fine solution, but the danger lurks in that 5pm slump when you don't have the energy to pack it back up again. And so the papers sit and you eat dinner leaning over the sink.


Easy solve: create a work bin or basket for yourself with all the necessities: charging cables, pens, note pads, a USB mouse, sticky notes, etc. When you're ready to get the day started grab your basket and find your spot for the day. When you're done just throw it all back in and back on a shelf or under a side table so it's out of sight. The trick also works well if you like to work from a coffee shop or the library. Just leave the basket in the trunk of your car so you always have what you need no matter where you are.



Entryway Command Center


If the idea of giving up even one square foot of space gives you hives, then a small command center might be the solution for you. Wall mounted items are your friend. I love something that has hooks, a shelf, and even a small board to leave notes. Also hang a basket to catch daily mail and other paperwork. If you can manage it, a secretary desk is a great addition to the entryway since it gives you spot to perch and write a check but also provides added storage for office supplies or a stray scarf or pair of gloves.


(Living Room) Corner Office


If you can, think about carving out a small corner of your living room to house all the workday essentials. A writing desk, comfy chair, table lamp, and a few closed baskets for storage will do the trick. The idea with this set up is to make it blend with the rest of your space. Carry the colors, textures, and patterns from the rest of the room into your new nook.


Bins, boxes, drawers, or baskets are a must so when you're done for the day you can stash all your work paraphernalia away. If you're a fan of open shelves, use baskets and intersperse with books, framed photos, and sentimental knick knacks for that personalized touch. 


An Office All Your Own


If you're one of the lucky ones and have a dedicated home office space, then make the most of it! Be sure to include both open and closed storage and keep items like pens, paper, and electronics chargers near your desk area. Tuck excess supplies into a cabinet or in a bin on a bookcase. An area rug, curtains, and throw pillows will add a fun splash of personality to the room.


Want more inspiration? Check out my office Pinterest board. Digging my design above? Shop it below!


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