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Are you all about the big, bold colors or are you experiencing some color-phobia? It's easy, even for me, to get stuck using and re-using our comfort colors: You know, the ones that just always seem to work. It's good to have go-tos, but I would also say that life is too short to always play it safe--live a little!

I got to thinking about this because I recently launched The Color Guide in my new Guides section. In the guide, I cover topics from selecting the right paint color to the best way to experiment with a new bold hue to how to find color inspiration for your home. As I was writing the guide, I couldn't help but think of some of my fellow designers whose use of color I find truly inspiring.

In an effort to encourage you to think outside your "usual" palette, I want to share a few of my favorite shots from a truly talented group of interior designers.

I had to kick things off with this stunner from Erin of Erin Williamson Design. This is how you do a white room! She's used the mostly neutral space as a canvas to experiment with some really fun colors and patterns. The navy sofa, while making a statement, also acts as a (bold) neutral allowing the bright hues in the rug, pillows, and wall art to sing. Stunn-ing!

There is a really good chance you've heard the name Max Humphrey, but if you haven't, let me introduce you. Max does color on his own terms--sometimes an unexpected splash or, like this beauty, a large swath. I talked about the idea of painting a whole room in one bold hue on a recent Tuesday Tip, and this is a prime example of that. The blue takes a back seat to some of the other decor elements, and of course to that beautiful view. So good.

Ili and Luly of Terracotta Design Build Co. are truly lovely human beings who also know how to dish out an unexpected design moment. I love how they took this nothing-special landing and turned it into something portfolio-worthy--and all with just a can of paint! Painting something as simple as a door takes it from simply functional to a piece of art. This is an easy idea to apply to your own space, too. If you're not feeling bold enough to try this electric green, then consider a more muted tone that works with your aesthetic.

This is classic elegance from Cory of Cory Connor Designs. The navy is a can't-go-wrong neutral that acts as the perfect backdrop for these warm, cozy pops of orange. What I love most about this is that the books play a huge role in the color palette. If you imagine the room without them, it doesn't make as much sense. Sometimes, the small things are what bring the whole look together! I've been drooling over this timeless home library for years and will no doubt continue to do so for years to come!

I love everything Susana from Chango & Co. does, but this playroom is a space I'll never forget. The room itself is neutral, but the high contrast black and white married with bold patterns and a few strategic pops of color is genius! It feels perfectly fun and playful for the kiddos. While the use of color here is amazing, I think the true lesson is in the pattern mixing. I'm obsessed!

The thing I love most about Alex's work is how approachable it is. Since starting Common Bond Design, this Brooklyn-based designer has done her fair share of apartments. Apartments are tricky because you can't make as many big sweeping changes as you can in a home, but Alex always creates some magic in her designs. The green tile pairs with the caramel tones in the wood, stark black and whites, and delicate pottery on the table, and the cherry on top is the reflection of the books and decor over the fireplace. This goes to show that you don't necessarily need to go big and bold to add color drama to your home.

Get real-world, easy-to-follow color inspiration in my Color Guide. I cover my favorite neutral paint colors, how to choose your color palette, the best way to add a pop of color, and so much more! It's all just one click away!


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