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DIY Eucalyptus Table Runner

This is a super simple, low-cost way to dress up your table any time of the year, but I especially love it for Thanksgiving. If you like the look of eucalyptus garland, but don't want the hassle of making it, or cost of buying it, then this is a great alternative. The blue-green color of the foliage pairs perfectly with pumpkins, pinecones and the soft glow of candle light. You can can also skip the extras and just let the eucalyptus shine. Be sure to scroll to the end to see how I repurpose the dried eucalyptus in December!

Step 1

Pick up a few bunches of eucalyptus from the grocery store. I used three bunches for my 8-foot table. I've gone with the classic silver dollar eucalyptus but you can also use seeded which has more slender leaves. I've used both and they work equally well. Once you get your branches home keep them in water until you're ready to start your project.

Step 2

Remove all the packaging and trim the stems as needed so they're easier to work with. I like to end up with a few larger branches to use as my base, longer single stems to fill out where needed, and small pieces for those inevitable bald spots.

Step 3

I use large glass hurricanes with pillar candles down the center of the table. If you're using any kind of candle holder it's best to put them in place before your branches to be sure the candle holders are sitting flat on the table--we don't want any candles tipping over!

Step 4

Start adding your larger branches, or bunches of smaller branches around the candle holders. You want to have a fuller look toward the center of the arrangement and have the branches taper off on either end. Be sure to put the stems facing toward the middle so you can more easily hide them. Continue filing in until you're happy with the look. Walk all around the table to be sure it looks good from every angle.

Step 5

Add your "extras". I went with pinecones (collected from outside) and small pumpkins. Have fun with this! You can use all white pumpkins for a chic, monochromatic look or go with faux ones if you have them on hand. Acorns, faux autumn leaves, and dried seed heads would all be great options too! Use these items to fill in any empty spots in your branches or to hide the ends of branches.

That's it! Super easy, simple, pretty, and inexpensive. My kind of DIY! Over the next day or two your eucalyptus will dry. Sometimes in this process it curls a little, but that actually adds to the beauty of it. Once it dries you can keep it as long as you like.

Bonus tip: Incorporate the dried eucalyptus in your Christmas decor! Upgrade faux evergreen garlands by cutting pieces of your dried eucalyptus and delicately inserting them into the garland. It adds interest and depth and majorly upgrades your inexpensive garland at zero cost! I've done this the last two years and you bet I'll be doing it again this year.

This post is part of my Holiday Entertaining Series. Stay tuned for more decorating tips, hosting ideas, and maybe a recipe or two!

Some product links in my posts may provide me with a commission upon purchase. This does not affect the cost to you, but is hugely helpful to me as a small business. I appreciate your support!


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