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New Year, New Home Challenge: Day 2

I hope your first day of the #NYNHchallenge went well! If you missed it you can get caught up here. Also be sure to post your progress shots using the hashtag so I can see what you're up to! You're also welcome to post questions for me on social media or in the comments below.


Day two is all about getting rid of some clutter in your life. Today, choose a drawer and get it organized. This can be any drawer in your home (I'm looking at you sock drawer!), but be sure that it's one you use often. The idea is to take a little stress out of your daily life by streamlining and decluttering.

Now, this task can get out of hand pretty quickly so I suggest you find yourself a small box or other vessel. While you're cleaning out your drawer, put anything that doesn't belong in the drawer you're working on, and you can't re-home quickly, in this box. As you continue working on other cabinets, drawers, etc. around your house carry this box with you and put away these items. Eventually you should have dedicated homes for each item making the box obsolete. If you find you have something you don't have a home for then consider how often it gets used. If it needs a prime location, then create one. If you never use it, then consider donating or throwing it away.

Keep an eye out for tomorrow's post in your inbox! If you don't get my email updates you can sign up below. Happy organizing!


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