New Year, New Home Challenge: Day 4 + 5

DAY 4 +5

You had to know this was coming...It's time to do some cleaning! Since it's the weekend and you might have a little more time to spare it seems like a good day to roll up your sleeves and tackle one or two of those deep cleaning projects that always seem get put off.

Choose relatively quick chores that are often overlooked during your regular cleaning routine. Some good examples might be wiping down the fronts of your cabinets or vacuuming under and behind the sofa. Whatever way you go, be sure these are tasks that have been bugging you for a bit so you're sure to feel good about your progress.

If you have a live-in significant other or roommate this would be a good time to get them involved. Suggest that you both identify one chore you've been meaning to get done, set 30 minutes on the timer, and when time's up stop where you are. Take a moment to appreciate each others work and then go relax. It's the weekend after all!

Don't forget to post your progress using #NYNHchallenge. I'd love to see which tasks you've been working on!

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