Farmhouse-Meets-Boho Dining Room

With the warm woods, detailed rug, and layers of texture, I think it's safe to say this is one of my favorite designs to date. The rug started it all, and with the addition of the artwork I needed a shot of green, which made the curtain selection easy. Texture is always a signature move in my designs so the sideboard and tray seemed like no brainers. A little sparkle and we're good to go!

One of my tricks when I'm designing a room that doesn't have just one accent color is to find one piece that acts as a cross over. In this case the art has both the green and orange which makes the design feel cohesive. Safe to say I'm in love with this one and might need to find a place for that rug in my own home because it's just too good (and wait until you see the price point!).

Shopping List:

dining table

side board





candle holder



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