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Dorm Room Design Ideas

I was recently asked by the Vancouver Sun for my take on dorm design trends which got me thinking: what would I do differently? Don't get me wrong, I loved my orange, pastel blue, and navy color scheme back in the day (seriously, what was I thinking), but if I can do it again there's a few things I would change.

With the typical dorm room being a bit of a downer--concrete block, boring wood furniture, linoleum floor--I wanted to create a look that was bright, bold, and still very practical. A splash of mustard yellow breathes life into the space and a blue, patterned area rug warms up the otherwise blah floor while disguising the inevitable grime. Neutral gray linen bedding and a comfy reading pillow for late night studying gives a cozy crash space that won't show dirt or stains (like from that Kraft mac n' cheese incident). A few playful accessories that join form and function make for a practical but oh-so-cute space that will hopefully inspire greatness.

Now, what would your "adult" dorm room look like? Shop mine below!

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