An English Garden Inspired Powder Room

Powder rooms are one of my favorite spaces to design because you can have so much fun with them. Instead of thinking about your limited square footage as well, limiting, start to think about it as an opportunity to explore a style you love.

In this design I decided to layer textures in the form of tile, wood, and wallpaper to make the space feel cozy. A good design rule to consider is if you're bringing in a stronger color, to find other small ways to tie it in. In this case, the sage green vanity will make a statement and then we pull that color in again using the wall art. The blue that we've added in the wall art then makes another appearance in the hand towel. The white in the towel then brings us full circle back to the tile and wall paper. Since the colors, textures, and patterns are the stars I've kept all my hardware in the same finish. In this case I went with silver that pulls in the gray from the wallpaper.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this look! Add a comment below and let me know what small space project you're looking to tackle.

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