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Lust List: Spring Greens

Top of the morning and happy almost-St. Patrick's Day to you! As we all hunker down to keep ourselves and our communities healthy, it's the perfect time to bring a bit of the outdoors in. Green is the color of life, new beginnings, and fresh starts and I can't think of a time I needed all of those things more than I do right now.

Green is a balancing color. It helps us to find a happy middle between our hearts and our minds. It acts as a reassurance during stressful times, symbolizing the start of something new and the end of our current discomfort. Sounds just like what the doctor ordered!

If you really want to bring nature into your home, I LOVE a house plant. For a low-maintenance option, I would suggest a pothos or a succulent, but if you're not feeling like your green thumb is up to the job, then check out one of my springy decor picks. This tapestry from Anthropologie brings those organic vibes into your space without any upkeep. I'm also obsessed with this rug. The pattern and style have that new-but-made-to-look-vintage feel and the color is a super easy shade to work into almost any room. Shop all my favorites shown here using the links at the bottom of this post.

Sidebar: In case you haven't heard, I'm on! To be transparent (because that's my way) this means that any item you purchase from a link I provide will give me a small kickback, but there is absolutely no additional charge to you. It's not much, but every penny counts when you're starting a new business. I would so appreciate you following me on the app if you're already a user or purchasing an item through one of my links if you find something you love in a post like this one. I'll be linking as many images as I can on my Instagram and Facebook pages, too. To shop those, you will need to download the app to your phone, but it's super easy, I promise!

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