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Meet The Judkins House

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve probably seen some of #thejudkinshouse posts. We bought this 1840 home just north of Boston in March 2018 and have been hard at work renovating ever since. The saying “good bones” was invented for homes like this. With original hardwoods, beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows, and multiple fireplaces, it's a dream come true!

The best, and maybe the most interesting, part of this home is that it was moved to its current location in 1969. It used to be owned by a church about a mile up the road and the home was given to a local resident with the stipulation that he had to move it off the property. He managed to do just that and now it sits on our quiet little street.

Ok, enough about that! Let’s get into the fun stuff. The kitchen and first-floor powder room were in great shape due to a very recent renovation done by the previous home owners. They had reworked the layout, sandblasted the fireplace to expose the original brick, and put in well-crafted cabinetry as well as granite and butcher-block counters. All we did was add a backsplash, paint, and move in!

The first big project we took on was our living room. The peeling silver wallpaper and textured ceiling did very little for us; I know, hard to believe! We decided to tackle this room first so that we could do some of the work before we even moved in and then wrap it up quickly post move-in. I’ll be creating a more in-depth post about this project soon, so keep an eye out for that!

Next up was our dining room-turned-library. Sounds eccentric to some, but with a book-loving husband we needed all the shelf space we could get. The library also doubles as our office, giving us both a spot to work when we’re at home. I’m excited to share all the before-and-afters of this project with you in the coming weeks. Be sure to join my email list to make sure you don’t miss it!

Once we had more or less locked down our first-floor living space, we took on the great outdoors. This wasn’t exactly a project we wanted to do so early on in the process, but a few water issues resulting from the previous set of stairs being installed incorrectly made this a necessary next step. We went from a not-so-enticing facade to a wow-worthy look. Anyone else really love a black front door? Totally timeless!

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, we haven’t even talked about the second floor. Believe me, I’m dying to dig into all the projects up there, but that will need to wait. Renovation projects are crazy expensive! For now we have a few smaller items on the house to-do list that I’m excited to tackle and share with all of you.

Join my mailing list below so you’re sure to get all our #thejudkinshouse updates in real time! It’s bound to be an adventure, but I’m excited to share our progress, trials, and tribulations, and of course the results with you all.

Want to see more the the Judkins house? Check out our before and afters!


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