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Simple Spring Tablescapes

I've been looking for ways to bring a little more spring into our home since we can't go out and enjoy all the season has to offer right now. Whether you're at home alone or with your whole family, this is a great opportunity to bring a little spark of joy into your day! With both Easter and Passover coming up this week, this is the perfect time to think about creating a stunning spring tablescape to enjoy during your next meal. It's tough to go out to the store and buy new decor, so I challenged myself to come up with two looks using only the things I had around my home. Check them out!

The Sophisticated, Zero DIY Look

For the first table, I decided to keep a more or less monochromatic color scheme. This is always a sure-fire way to make your tablescape feel more sophisticated. My everyday dishware is this Dansk blue set, so I started with that as my base. I then snagged some small blue and white bowls to add interest. Under the plates I layered in woven placemats, which add dimension without taking away from the other patterns. I used my favorite trick for the napkins: I folded them in half and then knotted them. I HATE ironing (I don't even have an iron to be honest; I know, shame on me!) and by knotting the napkins you make the rumpled linen look work for you.

The centerpiece was as easy as running a few satin ribbons I had left over from my brother-in-law's wedding down the center to add just a bit more color. I then placed my rabbit's-foot fern, which usually lives in my kitchen, in the center of the table. The blue-and-white motif on the pot works perfectly with the rest of the design. Keep in mind that you can recreate this with any color. The idea is to stick to one, maybe two, uniting colors and then you can mix and match any textures and patterns you like. No potted plants? Try a bowl of fruit or a basket of dyed or painted eggs. Or just put together a colorful spring salad to go with your meal and place it on a large platter in the center of the table. Double duty at its best!

The Crafty, Kid-Friendly Look

Not going to lie, I had a blast with this one! If you're looking to get creative, this is a fun idea for kids and adults alike. I'm sure you've all made tissue-paper flowers at some point, but I'll walk you through my process and how to make this pretty, spring-inspired floral garland using only items from your wrapping-paper bin.

First the flowers. You'll need tissue paper, whatever color you have, a pair of scissors, and a stapler. I also used some markers to add color to my otherwise white flowers, but this is totally optional. I started by folding the paper in half longways and in half again so I had a long rectangle. Next, you flip it so the paper is oriented vertically and fold into thirds, like you would a letter, so you end up with more or less a square. If your paper isn't a square to start with (like mine was), you'll have more of a rectangle and that's OK. Take that and fold into a triangle and then again so it looks roughly like the middle picture above. Once you've done that, turn up the point and staple to hold. Trim the top into any petal design you like, being sure to cut through each layer. Once you're done, fluff the layers to create your flowers. You can leave it here or do as I did and take a wide marker to add a bit of color to your petals. To make the leaves, I used the scraps from my flowers and cut out leaf shapes. I created a watercolor look by using a green marker to add just a bit of color to each leaf.

To assemble: Using a roll of wrapping paper, roll it down the center of your table. Place ribbon in a vine-like pattern in the center and then arrange your flowers. Finally, tuck the leaves in and around the flowers. I completed the look by using the same ribbon to tie up my napkins for that extra splash of spring green.

If you don't have wrapping paper, you can always use construction paper or a roll of craft paper. If you do use something with no pattern, you could consider drawing placemats on the paper and adding people's names or leaving a "Happy Spring!" message for your family. Curling ribbon would also be a playful addition and would allow you to create fun curls in your garland. Get creative and have fun with it!

I hope you found some inspiration here today and take these ideas and create your own masterpiece. If you do, I'd love to see your creations! Tag #erindavisdesigntable on Instagram so I can see what you're up to. If you enjoyed this post and would like to see more like it, please let me know by leaving a comment below. Happy spring, all!


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