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Step-by-Step Kitchen Design

Modern teal kitchen

Kitchens are always one of the most intimidating rooms to design; even for a professional designer. They're expensive, hard to change if you get tired of the look, and they need to be a workhorse.

Every designer has a different way of approaching kitchens, but I thought I'd walk you through my method (madness and all!).

Step 1: Think about how you use the space. Do you entertain a lot? Are you a coffee aficionado? Do you have small kids or pets? What about all that wedding china stored in boxes in your attic? Take a look at your lifestyle and decide how you want the space to function. You may realize that you don't cook much, but you love having friends around the kitchen island while you set up the cheese board. Or maybe you want to serve a five course meal for Thanksgiving, but your current kitchen has been holding you back.

Step 2: Decide on the must-haves. Once you know how you want to live in your space, decide what you can't live without. Glass front cabinets are perfect for someone with beautiful dishes you'd like to display. A built-in espresso machine is a huge investment for some, but might help the coffee lover curb their coffee house habit.

Step 3: Space plan. Try not to get too tied to one idea and instead really look at your space. Is it long and narrow? Go with a linear design. Are there a lot of angles? Consider a deep pantry to make use of the extra square feet. This is also a good place to bring in a pro. An interior designer can help you take the list of must-haves and fit it into your space in a beautiful way (just a suggestion!).

Step 4: Pick your finishes. After you know how you want to use the space, what you need to use it that way, and have decided what layout will accommodate both those things, it's finally time to make it pretty. Finishes should of course be chosen for their aesthetic, but be sure to choose them based on your lifestyle as well. A high maintenance marble might not the best choice for the laid-back cleaner; instead think about a composite material that you seal once and never deal with again.

Step 5: Make it happen. If it's a small project and you're handy, then DIY. If, on the other hand, you're renovating the whole room I suggest you get in touch with a contractor. If you've already pulled in an interior designer they can help coordinate with a contractor and take care of the day-to-day project management.

Like the kitchen look I pulled together? Shop it here, or email me if you'd like a custom design for your space.

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