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New Year Home Refresh

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2020 was well, what it was, but 2021 is a fresh start for us all, and since we're still stuck at home, that seems like the best place to begin! I've gathered a few of my home decor and styling tips along with my favorite picks so you can create a space that fosters all the good vibes for the year to come.

Organization and Decluttering

Before starting any home project, it's best to assess what you already have. For those things you've used and loved, be sure to give them a proper home. This is a great time to pick up appropriate storage containers for holiday decorations that you're starting to put away. Bins and baskets work wonders for a myriad of use-cases and they're pretty to look at. Try a large basket for kid's toys in the living room or a collection of bins in the pantry to organize canned goods and pasta. Don't forget about those hidden junk drawers! Drawer dividers, labels, and smaller bins will make it easy to find the scotch tape or that takeout menu when you're in a rush.

As you get things in order, you'll probably run across lesser used items. Be honest with yourself about the things you haven't used in the last year. If an item hasn't seen the light of day, then chances are it never will. Put all your gently used clothing, dishes, and knickknacks to better use by donating them to a local charity.

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Bring in Some Life

Since so much of our time is spent at home right now, this is the perfect moment to consider injecting new life into your space, literally or figuratively. Easy-to-care-for houseplants bring a bit of green indoors and help purify the air. No green thumb? Check out my guide to plant styling that details five indoor plants I have in my own home that are fool-proof.

Maybe I haven't won you over on the plant idea, but adding color through decor can be just as invigorating. Start by identifying colors that make you feel good. You can find inspiration through nature, your wardrobe, or a favorite hotel or restaurant. Once you've found your palette, try introducing it in several ways throughout your home to create a cohesive feel.

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Add Personality

Do you have momentos from a trip or photos of loved ones collecting dust in a box? Give them a prime spot in your home. We all hang on to things that bring back good memories, but we're often guilty of stowing them away for safekeeping when we really should put them in a place where we can actually appreciate and enjoy them.

As you're organizing and decluttering, put aside items you find that hold special meaning for you. Once you've collected everything, determine how best to display them. A collection of shells from past summers at the beach might work best in a glass bowl, whereas a photo of your great grandmother should be properly framed and placed on a shelf or mantle.

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I hope these tips help you to create a home you love as we enter into this fresh year. Remember, at the end of the day, this is your space and it should look and function the way that makes you and your family feel best. I'm wishing you a happy, healthy 2021 from my home to yours!

Some product links in my posts may provide me with a commission upon purchase. This does not affect the cost to you, but is hugely helpful to me as a small business. I appreciate your support!


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